Training programs and competitions for all

We offer training programs and competitions for all genders, age and levels: beginners, casual tennis players, as well advanced/semi-professional. Squash players are welcome too!
We organize different sessions based on level and focus (training or competition). Contact us to meet the other players, hear about the next sessions or games and decide when to join!
Are kids allowed? 
We love to teach kids and have them discover our sport. However, we are not certified trainers to handle groups of children. We advise that you consult with us to define the most suited time and place to bring your kid(s) along, and recommend that parents join the sessions too.



Players meet all the time, at different locations, to play against each other.
Every game played can count for the Cross Tennis World Ranking. Games are played following a tie-break format (7 points to win). Each victory gives a certain amount of points, based on the ranking of both players.
A world champion is designated at the end of each year.


Every second year, a tournament is organised. All players taking part to the league are entitled to participate. The game table is defined based on the world ranking, in a play-off format.


Berlin Grand Slam 2022 - Men - Final 8

Where to play?

All year long, the main court is atWrangelstraße 131, 10997 Berlin (Nürtingen-Grundschule, outside). 
The court is reserved for us on:

  • Thursdays from 17:00
  • Saturday mornings until 12:00
  • Sundays all day


Please note that outside those hours, the court might be used by other sport associations or the school. Check our map to find the nearest
court to play!

The second most-used court is in Prenzlauer Berg, at Erich-Weinert-Straße 95, 10409 Berlin (Netto parking lot).
The court is playable all day, every day of the year.

There are many other places to practice cross-tennis. Players meet everywhere, everyday: join our group to find out about the next games and sessions!

About Cross Tennis Berlin e.V.

We are a group of passionate players, always looking to welcome new members and promote our sport. Anyone is free to join us and take part to training session and/or our competitions.

We are a registered association (e.V.) which allows us to discuss with local authorities to apply and access sport halls for instance. However, unlike other tennis clubs, joining our association is 100% free: we will never ask for any membership fee. You should own your own equipment (tennis racket), but our community is always eager to help those in need.

Cross Tennis is about making tennis accessible, simple, inclusive and fun. Let’s keep it this way!